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Things you will need for your application:
  1. Copy of your drivers license
  2. Social Security Number
  3. Three months of income documentation (pay stubs or tax returns)
  4. Previous addresses and landlord contact info
  5. A completed request for rental history

Please email these documents to

Apply Here

* Please take a look at the application requirements before submitting your application.

Should I rent or should I buy?

Thanks to declining mortgage interest rates and housing values, these days it is a lot less expensive to buy a home. On the other hand, it is also less expensive to rent.

Sometimes deciding whether to rent or buy is easy. If you’re not planning to live in the same neighborhood, city or state for more than five years, renting becomes the more economical option. If you are likely to change jobs or careers and your income might go down, renting is a safer choice. Or if your family needs are changing or will change dramatically over the next five to seven years, you might be better off renting the size home you’ll need over the next few years rather than buying one that your family will outgrow. Other times, you may want to buy, but you are working on overcoming credit or income challenges.

With Metroplex Property Management, We can take the hassle out of searching for a rent home.

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